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Latest News > What Type Of Scaffolding Might You Need?

Scaffolding needs to be erected by a qualified and experienced team of professionals regardless of whether it is for roof repairs, or supporting a new building project. However, when choosing the scaffolding Leicester based company to build your scaffolding, it can help if you have a good idea of the different types of scaffolding that are available and their primary uses.

Having this knowledge beforehand can help to ensure that the scaffolding Leicestershire based company you are considering has experience of the type of project the scaffolding is needed for. This is crucial as regardless of its purpose, the scaffolding must provide a safe space to work for those who are using it, and aid in ensuring the surrounding area remains safe for others. One of the most common types of scaffolding in Leicestershire is supported scaffolding. It is commonly found in various types of construction work were individuals need to work at heights. If the finished scaffolding is going to bear heavy loads, or is particularly long, that additional supports are built in to ensure its safety and stability. This type of scaffolding is built up from the base and is generally the most cost-effective type of scaffolding construction. However, building from the base is not always practical, and where this is the case, suspended scaffolding may be used as an alternative. This type of scaffolding is, as its name suggests, suspended either from the roof of the building, or from another tall structure that is close by. It is most commonly seen being used by window cleaners on tall buildings, and for roof work. However, it can also be used where space and access are problematic, or the ground is too uneven to provide a safe and stable base.

While many projects require scaffolding hire Leicester that is stationary, and which covers the whole of the building, or the part of the building being worked on, there are occasions when this is not the case. This might again be due to space constraints, but may also be due to the type of work, such as a long, rather than tall building that requires small repairs or cleaning along the length of the building. In these situations, rolling Leicester scaffolding may be used. This is built in a similar manner to supported scaffolding, but with the additional of casters, or similar moveable wheels, which allow the base to be moved safely into each new position. The wheels or casters are locked into position once each new destination has been reached. This ensures a stable working platform and reduces the risk of injury to those working on the scaffolding, and to passers-by. This type of scaffolding allows for the entire length of a building to be reached, without the need for the expense and complexity of building a full supported scaffold.

When discussing your needs with your potential firm, ask questions about what type of scaffolding they believe would be most suitable and ask why. Explore other similar projects they have been involved in, and compare the types of scaffolding used. The right scaffolding Leicester based company will be more than happy to answer all your questions.