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Chimney and Roof Scaffolding

About our services

All of our services include supply, rental and erection of all scaffold poles, planks and safety netting where required.

You can be sure of a safe and secure platform.

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Our chimney or roof scaffolds are excellent for working on chimney repairs. In most cases tower scaffolding will not be acceptable as it simply doesn't get close enough to the chimney, you will have to have scaffolding put up specifically for the chimney work. Our affordable chimney and roof scaffold equipment is specifically designed to protect roof tiles from retaining damage whilst building work is underway.

With himney scaffolfing it’s essential that the people undertaking the repairs have the confidence to move around the smokestack and are able to bring materials and equipment securely from ground to roof. We are dedicated to meeting those requirements by offering a safe working environment and a scaffold framework that facilitates efficient working

Our Chimney and roof scaffolds can also be combined with other scaffolding equipment to form safe and usable extensions to carry out other forms of building work.

These scaffolds are best used for:

  • Roof tile repairs
  • Extending current roofing
  • Chimney repairs
  • Accessing Chimney flue

Feel free to call us today for a quote on hiring and erection of tower scaffolds.