Scaffolding in Leicestershire: Ways To Ensure Safety On-Site

Scaffolding in Leicestershire may be a service you are looking for to complete a construction, maintenance or repair project for a client. Scaffolding Leicestershire wide and beyond is known in construction as being one of the highest risk areas for death and injury, with more accidents occurring in and around scaffolding than on any other area of a building site. And yet scaffolding is often essential to assist in bringing projects in on time and to budget. If you need to hire this equipment for a project of your own, what can you do to minimise the risks to your employees, site visitors and members of the public?

Plan Ahead For Safety When Hiring Scaffolding Leicestershire Based Services

Year after year, accident figures from the construction industry show that workers on scaffolding are more likely than any other construction operatives to suffer death or serious injury. There are four main areas of risk when working on this kind of equipment: falls from height; falls due to the collapse of the scaffolding; inadequate supply or use of safety equipment; and risks posed by bad weather. Many of these accidents can be avoided if precautions are taken from the outset. So if you are hiring Rugby scaffolding Leicester, for instance, for your building site, what can you do to ensure safer working? The first aspect is proper planning. While we all appreciate the importance of keeping the job moving to bring it in on time and to budget, there can be no compromise when it comes to the safety aspect. If you know that scaffolding will be needed at various points throughout a project in Charnwood, speak to your Charnwood scaffolding experts in advance about what’s required and when. This will give them adequate time to design and build the right configurations in the right places at the right times, without rushing the job and failing to take into account vital details. That brings us to the next area: proper risk assessment. All potential hazards should be identified beforehand so they can be mitigated or removed entirely. Aspects that need consideration might include, for example, the positioning of power lines in the area; the condition of the ground where the scaffold will be erected; and identifying wet or slippery surfaces.

Safer Working On Rugby, Charnwood Or Melton Scaffolding

Once Melton scaffolding is in place, the importance of constant inspection cannot be underestimated. Before the first worker steps on the structure, a full check should be made to make sure it’s safe. This means everything from examining joints to ensuring the scaffold is boarded throughout. Boards, for example, should be tightly fitted together, so there are no gaps presenting tripping hazards or spaces through which tools could fall to the ground. You should also ensure that all adequate safety measures have been included, such as access ladders at every level; handrails and toe boards; and safety netting to catch falling objects. Routine checks like this should be made frequently – the minimum demanded by legislation is every seven days while scaffolding Melton or elsewhere is in place, and after periods of bad weather. But a daily check is recommended to maintain safe working conditions. Once workers are using the scaffold, it’s critical to insist on high standards of organisation and tidiness too. Rubble and mess should be cleared up as soon as possible, so access can be negotiated without obstacles. Tools should be packed away and stored safely at night or when not in use. Not only does this remove further tripping hazards and the risk that they might fall and injure someone below, it also keeps expensive equipment safe from theft. And finally, never allow any worker without the correct knowledge, expertise and ongoing training to erect, alter or dismantle scaffolding in Leicestershire or elsewhere. That’s a job you should leave to the experts, like the team at All Access Scaffolding Limited.

Do You Need Expert Services In Scaffolding in Leicestershire? Call All Access Scaffolding Limited

At All Access Scaffolding Limited, our safety record for the supply and removal of scaffolding in Leicestershire is second to none. That’s because we have the expertise and experience to identify and manage all risks at every stage of scaffolding Leicestershire wide. Involve us in your project at an early stage and we’ll ensure your needs are met throughout your project. Contact us for a free quote today by accessing our website,, or calling us on 0116 224 5334. We will visit your site to assess your requirements and make sure your scaffolding is safe and fit for purpose for you and your workers throughout.