Scaffolding Leicestershire Wide – The Many Benefits Of Using A Professional Firm

Scaffolding Leicestershire based may be something you need to complete construction, repair or maintenance on your home or on a commercial project. Scaffolding can be erected indoors and out, for a variety of access requirements; and so there are plenty of options available. Many scaffolding firms provide a free quote based on details you give about your project. But better firms will also attend the site in person to view the job and make recommendations on the type and design of scaffolding that will best suit your requirements. This article outlines the benefits of hiring professional scaffolders and what to look for in a scaffolding firm.

What’s The Value Of Using Scaffolding Leicester Based For Your Project?

Scaffolding has, in fact, been used in construction for centuries, by civilisations as old as the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, when it consisted of wooden poles tied together with knotted ropes. These days, however, it is safer and more sturdily constructed than ever. The European Standard BS EN 12811-1 sets out the performance requirements for the design and erection of scaffolds for access and working at height. Scaffolding Leicester and beyond is essentially constructed from metal tubes (usually aluminium or steel); couplers to join them together; and wooden boards to provide pathways and a solid platform on which to work. The advantage of well-designed scaffolding is that it reduces the risks of workers falling and injuring themselves, allowing them to retain balance and stability while carrying out maintenance, repair or construction work on structures. They can move more easily to reach hard to access places, and individuals or groups of men can sit or stand as they work. This offers far more flexibility than a ladder, for instance, which requires a greater degree of balance; can only be used by one man at a time; and does not allow for easy movement to other parts of the building. In all, scaffolding in Leicester or beyond helps speed up construction work in a safe manner.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Professional Firm For Scaffolding In Leicestershire?

One of the main reasons for seeking out a professional firm to erect and dismantle your scaffolding in Leicestershire is that it is more cost effective. Scaffolding is expensive equipment, and if you are a building contractor working on a wide variety of projects throughout the year and possibly even at the same time, then your requirements will vary from job to job. Rather than waste money investing in all of this equipment yourself, some of which may go unused in less busy periods, hiring professional Rugby, Charnwood or Melton scaffolding companies will ensure you have what you need exactly when you need it. Another valuable asset offered by using a scaffolding company rather than doing it yourself is the time you will save on erection and dismantling of the equipment. The operatives from the firm that you hire will be professionals, well used to assembling and disassembling the equipment in any configuration required, quickly and efficiently. This can save time, as well as helping you bring your project in to the agreed timescale. It’s far better to have trained, experienced workers dedicated to the task than to take your own men off the job to move equipment when they could be continuing with their own work.

How Do You Identify A Good Scaffolding Leicester Based Firm?

So now you know a few of the benefits of using a professional scaffolding Leicester based firm, you may be wondering how to identify the right one for your requirements. The first fact to state is that the cheapest firm will not necessarily be the best. Consider that you, whether as project manager, builder or householder, have ultimate responsibility for the safety of people in or around your building site, whether they are workers, visitors or members of the public. So your primary concern should be to find a Leicester scaffolding firm which can boast an excellent track record in terms of safety. The companies you ask for quotes from should be proud to share these details with you. The second quality to look for is experience. You want a firm that has been established and worked in the area for a fair while. Longer-established scaffolding Leicestershire based companies are likely to have better resources in terms of the range of equipment they can provide. They will also have worked on a wider variety of projects and so will be able to demonstrate their credentials through successfully completed jobs and satisfied clients. They will bring all this expertise when working on your site.

What Else Should A Company Providing Scaffolding In Leicestershire Demonstrate?

Because erecting scaffolding is a high-risk area of construction, you should expect the firm you are considering to hold the appropriate accreditations from professional bodies to demonstrate their competence. In terms of Charnwood, Melton or Rugby scaffolding work, this can be shown through registration with the Construction Industry Training Board. This gives you peace of mind that the scaffolders employed by the company have the skills to erect and dismantle scaffolding on your site safely and effectively. It also suggests that the company invests in ongoing training, to ensure workers stay up to date with industry standards, Health and Safety and other vital legislation. Any firm offering scaffolding in Leicestershire services should also be able to provide evidence that they hold appropriate levels of insurance. Public liability insurance is essential, as it will pay out if third parties are injured, or their property damaged, if they are held to be responsible while working on your property. Employers liability insurance is another must-have. This will pay out to any temporary, full- or part-time worker, or contractor, who is injured in their day-to-day work on or around scaffolding. One scaffolding Leicestershire firm that can demonstrate all the above and more besides is All Access Scaffolding Limited.

Hire Expert Scaffolding Leicestershire Services From All Access Scaffolding Limited

If you are looking for a reputable, specialist firm of scaffolders for scaffolding Leicestershire wide, contact the team at All Access Scaffolding Limited. We have over twenty years of combined experience and a great track record in safe working on building sites of all sizes and types, from residential to commercial. Fully CITB registered, we will assess your requirements and provide a fast, flexible and effective scaffolding service so you can get on with the job in hand. Why not take a look at our website for more details at Then, if you’d like a free quote and site visit to assess your scaffolding needs, ring us on 0116 224 5334 or contact us via the form on our website.