Scaffolding Leicester: How To Ensure You Benefit From A Professional Service

Scaffolding Leicester hire options are many and vary in quality. If you are about to embark on a home improvement or maintenance project, you may be in need of scaffolding to access parts of your property that would be otherwise difficult to reach. But if it’s your first time hiring scaffolding, you could find yourself bewildered by the options available. Don’t worry: choose the right scaffolding Leicestershire based firm, and they will help you decide exactly what you need. In the meantime, here is some advice on finding that firm and what considerations you might need to make in the process.

What To Look For In A Scaffolding Leicestershire Based Company

The purpose behind using scaffolding in Leicester is to ensure that builders can operate safely and effectively at height while carrying out work on your property. Government guidelines on scaffolding state that you must employ a scaffolding contractor or builder who is properly trained and has the right level of competence to erect and take down the access equipment. Even work on a private property can impact on the safety of your family, your neighbours and passers-by. There’s little point, therefore, in utilising a substandard firm or shoddy equipment. You may secure quotes from scaffolding hire Leicester firms and decide to go with the cheapest; but remember, that might not necessarily be the best. So what sort of checks should you make before you choose a firm of scaffolding contractors? Firstly, ask each of the scaffolding companies in Leicester on your shortlist about their level of experience and training. Every operative involved should be registered with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), for instance. The firm as a whole should be able to demonstrate a good track record in supplying scaffolding for projects of your type. They should also be able to cite a good safety record. Ask about insurances: you want evidence of suitable cover for this kind of work. And finally, ascertain what’s included in their quote. You should expect a price for the supply and rental of the scaffolding, as well as the erection on your property. Check that it includes recommended safety measures where applicable, such as safety netting and ongoing inspections. Also, ask about additional costs if the project overruns, for instance.

What Are Your Responsibilities When Hiring Leicester Scaffolding Based Or Beyond?

Your responsibilities as the client of a scaffolding firm do not end with simply choosing the best firm and letting them get on with it, though. There are some other factors to bear in mind. If your scaffolding in Leicester will overhang a public thoroughfare – like the pavement – then a licence is required from your local council. It’s your scaffolding contractor’s responsibility to obtain this if necessary. However, it is your responsibility, as the client, to make sure that not only do they have this licence, but that it is up-to-date for whole period during which the work is being carried out. Likewise, if there is any risk posed to the public by your scaffolding, you should ensure your builders carry out their duties during quieter periods. This might include early mornings, evenings or weekends, for instance. Finally, there’s a legal obligation for the scaffolding to be checked on a regular basis, to ensure it’s safe and fit for purpose. An initial check should be carried out once the scaffolding has been erected but before it is first used. Further checks should be made every seven days while it remains in place; and additional checks must be carried out after severe weather or any damage or alteration to the structure. All Access Scaffolding Limited takes its responsibilities extremely seriously and will ensure that any Leicester scaffolding erected and used on your property complies with all relevant regulations and requirements, for your peace of mind.

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