Melton Scaffolding – Importance For New Builds

Melton scaffolding is vital for all types of construction projects. This includes small scale home projects such as chimney repairs and exterior painting through to the building of new homes and commercial premises. Whatever the size of your project, you’ll need to find suitable scaffolding Leicestershire based services to help you complete it. Many large construction companies have links with scaffolders, although these companies aren’t always capable of meeting the demand. However, if you’re undertaking a new build for a small development, you might be looking around for the best scaffoldings companies. What should you be looking for in the contract?

Individuals or small construction companies developing new build homes on a small scale occasionally feel side-lined by the construction sector. Sometimes, it seems that, unless you’re putting in orders for vast amounts of scaffolding for entire sites that scaffolding Melton based companies aren’t interested. This shouldn’t be the case. The construction industry in terms of small companies and individual projects is booming, and these smaller projects are often excellent at filling in gaps within UK streets and suburbs. The best suppliers of scaffolding in Leicestershire recognise that these smaller projects deserve the same high quality service they offer to their larger customers and therefore treat them accordingly.

When dealing with a single new build or a small collection of new houses, budget is everything. There is less leeway on construction costs than there is with a large scale development and, in terms of scaffolding, you need to know exactly what you’re getting for your money. The best scaffolding hire Melton based companies will ensure that their contracts are clear and that they tell you exactly what you can expect to be included with your scaffolding package. They will also tell you, for instance, how much you can expect to pay if your project runs on longer than you expect it to.

All Access Scaffolding Limited are committed to helping both small and large projects in the construction sector. Our range of clients run from small scale house repair projects up to multiple new build property developments. We’re more than happy to talk through all your options, either through our website at or on the phone at 0116 224 5334. As one of the premier scaffolding companies in Melton, we’re aware of our responsibilities and treat every one of our clients with the respect they deserve. With us, you receive safe and secure scaffolding every time that suits your individual needs.