Leicester Scaffolding Choices – What Makes Suppliers Good?

Leicester scaffolding companies are available across the city and Leicestershire as a whole. However, it doesn’t follow that all of them offer the stellar service you would expect from companies supplying safety equipment to the construction industry. Before you hire any such equipment from scaffolding Leicestershire companies, ensure that you know what you’re getting under the terms of the agreement; and what level of experience the supplier has in scaffolding rental and supply. Check they are CITB registered, for a start. This registration from the Construction Industry Training Board ensures that the company is fully qualified to supply the scaffolding that it offers.

At its heart, scaffolding ensures that a construction job can take place safely. Scaffolding is an essential aspect of construction because it allows workers to operate with safety in their environment. Questions about whether scaffolding is necessary have quietened in recent years as the safety records begin to speak for themselves. What this means, of course, is that scaffold services Leicester have popped up to meet the demands of the construction industry. Many of these companies are reputable, although it’s important to note that there are bad eggs in every sector and so you should be careful when choosing a scaffolding supplier. Remember that price isn’t everything – ask about their safety record, as this is paramount.

One thing to identify first of all is what is included in the scaffold rental agreement. Reputable scaffolding services Leicester based are open about what is included within their hire prices. There should be no hidden extras. For instance, services usually include the supply of the scaffolding; the rental costs and the erection of the scaffold poles; plus the scaffold planks and any safety netting that might be required. You should also expect regular inspection, both when the scaffold is first erected and then during the course of the job, to ensure ongoing safety. If your contact from your chosen scaffolding Leicester based provider starts adding extra costs on to what should be standard features, look elsewhere for an alternative supplier.

All Access Scaffolding Limited are proud to be open and honest about our scaffolding services. We have built a strong reputation in Leicester and the surrounding areas as one of the best providers of scaffolding supplies Leicester based. When you hire scaffolding equipment from us, you’ll know exactly what’s included in the rental. If you need unique scaffolding solutions erected, our experts are on hand to help and we’re fully CITB registered. If you want to find out more about our scaffolding services, visit our website at http://www.aascaffolding.co.uk or, alternatively, call our team and enquire direct on 0116 224 5334.