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Latest News > Key Considerations When Choosing A Scaffolding Company

There are numerous scaffolding companies in the Leicestershire area, and choosing the right one for the project or job you are looking to complete is important. Ensuring you have a high-quality contractor with the right equipment and skills, starts with knowing what you need to consider when choosing between scaffolding Leicestershire based companies.

Your first consideration always needs to be safety. The company you choose for scaffolding Leicester wide, should be aware of, and always adhere to, the current regulations that exist relating to erecting and using scaffolding. This should include having knowledge of whether your particular scaffolding requirements need additional or special permits. While these are generally not required for basic structures, they may be needed if there are unusual design elements to your building that require non-standard scaffolding to be built. Where this is the case, additional risk assessments and inspections may be needed as well. An important part of safety is also ensuring that the team that will be erecting the scaffolding have relevant and adequate training. If the company you are considering is licenced or registered with appropriate bodies within the UK, then this training will be in place as a condition of their membership or registration. Another consideration is insurance. Any company you consider should have appropriate insurance, including public liability insurance. This covers them in case of an accident involving the general public while the scaffolding is being erected, as well as covering those using the scaffolding in Leicester, and any damage done to the building. They should also have employers’ liability insurance to safeguard employees.

When considering a scaffolding Leicestershire based company, you also need to ensure that they have knowledge of the specific type of construction your project requires. There is little point hiring a company that only focus on low or basic builds, and you need to work at height or on a roof. For this reason, communication is also important. You want a company that has good communication and which asks questions about the purpose of, and type of, scaffolding you require. They should also want to see the site, discuss access and any other potential hazards that they face while constructing or removing the scaffolding. As well as appropriate knowledge, you also need the Leicester scaffolding team to have suitable experience. This is particularly important if there are difficulties to be overcome in building the scaffolding. These might include dealing with uneven ground, tight spaces, access issues, or busy thoroughfares. Where any of these problems are present, additional risk assessments may be required to ensure that everyone, from the scaffolding crew, through to those that will be working on the scaffolding, and the general public are kept safe.

Finally, don’t forget to have a clear budget in place before you approach potential scaffolding Leicestershire based companies. While you don’t want to work just on price, you do need to ensure that you get value for money, and that you can pay the company without breaking your budget for the entire project. The right company will provide you with a full quote, which includes a breakdown of exactly what you are paying for.